Churchfields Nursing Home
Providing a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which care, wellbeing and comfort is of primary importance

Terms & Conditions

1. A pre-admission assessment of needs must be undertaken by Matron or deputy Matron.

2. For individuals referred through Health & Social Services a copy of the assessment and care plan must be forwarded to the nursing home prior to admission.

3. For individuals who are self funding the Matron or Deputy Matron need to fill out a statement covering:

  • Personal care and physical well-being
  • Diet and weight, including dietary preferences
  • Sight, hearing and communication
  • Oral health
  • Foot care
  • Mobility and dexterity
  • History of falls
  • Continence
  • Medication usage
  • Mental state and cognition
  • Social interests, hobbies, religious and cultural needs
  • Personal safety and risk
  • Care and family involvement and other social contact / relationships

4. It is the policy of the home that a place will only be offered to a potential service user if the need assessment can be met.

5. The service user, health permitted, will be shown around and orientated to the layout of the home. Particular attention is paid to show the service user the fire exits and the evacuation procedure to be followed in the event of tire.

6. Medication bought into the home by the service user will recorded in the drugs received system. Continuance of this medication will depend upon subsequent medical reviews of the service users condition.

7. If the service user wishes to keep medication in his /her room then this will be subject to an appropriate risk assessment procedure. A lockable facility will be provided in the service user's room for the safe storage of medication. Further risk assessments will take place periodically to ensure that the service user is taking medication correctly.

8. The service user will be assessed by his/her G P as soon as possible after admission. (Target within 24 hours of admission).

9. Admission will be for a trial period of 4 weeks, after which time a review will take place to see whether the service user wishes to stay, and whether the home is prepared to continue to offer care. Contractual details will be finalised with the Proprietor or Manager following this mutually satisfactory trial period.

10. Where a relative or advocate has legal control of the service user's financial affairs, then the Proprietor or Manager will deal directly with this person to resolve issues of collecting pensions payments and allocation of pocket money etc.